Service & Configuration
Updated September 2022
HC Liquid Outlet Nozzles:      Inlet Distributor
Temperature, C: 
Fluid Rates & Properties
      Vapor Liquid (ex water) (liquid);
Flow, kg/hr:           
Density,   kg/m3:        
Viscosity, cP:       
Vessel Parameters
Diameter, mm:           Nozzle Inlet Vapor Outlet
Length, mm.:            Size, inches    
Recom Max Vel, m/sec 15 21.6
Outboard Noz. to Noz, mm.:      Velocity, m/sec 17.7 25.8
Low Level, mm:      RhoV2, kg/m-sec2 3371 5343
High Level, mm:      
Liquid residence min: 8.1 Liquid vol, cu. m: 7.967 0.039 Vol frac water
Boot Parameters
Boot Diameter, mm:     Water Velocity, mm/min
Boot LC Range, mm:      HC Rise, mm/min 167 125 micron drop
  Water Holdup,min
Rating Parameters
Theo .Sep. Droplet :    182    microns Liquid Nozzle HC Outlet Water Outlet
Mist Eliminator:  Size, inches
Design pressure bar(g):    Rec Max Vel., m/sec 1 1
Operating pressure bar(a):    Velocity, m/sec 0.86 0.14
Mesh/Vane Design K:   0.1  m/sec RhoV2, kg/m-sec2 592 20
Vessel top to Mesh Bot., mm:   
Calculated Results
Vapor X-Flow Area 1.59 m2 X-Flow Area Below Mesh: 1.08 m2
Vapor X-Flow K: 0.3 m/sec Max Vapor K Recommended: 0.12 m/sec
Vapor X-flow Velocity: 2.97 m/sec  Max Vapor X-flow Vel. Recom.: 1.2 m/sec
Mesh/Vane Area 4.83 m2
Area Under Demister is too Small   Vapor x-flow Velocity is too High
Mesh Support top Chord 1363 mm Mesh Support Bottom Chord: 1584 mm
    Water Settling Rate 200 mm / min.
Vessel Cost Index: 9,200